Wet coating

Wet coating is an umbrella term for all application processes that use liquid coating agents and is very popular and widely used due to its wide range of applications.

It can be applied to almost all basic substrates and is suitable for small parts in the bulk sector as well as for components in the rack and hand application sector.

Pre-treatment by phosphating

Zinc phosphating is a chemical process to create a poorly soluble conversion layer on a metal substrate.

Pre-treatment by alkaline degreasing

In the field of coating technology, a completely cleaned base substrate is one of the most important prerequisites for the successful application of coating agents.

Oils, dust or release agents prevent adhesion of the coating agent and thus reduce the corrosion protection effect and other functions of the application.

Pre-treatment by cleaning blasting

For the removal of solid residues and impurities, among other things, a fully automatic troughed belt blasting unit for bulk material is available.

We can pre-treat and clean both the smallest parts from a diameter of 4 mm and larger components up to a unit weight of 5 kg.

Dip spin coating

The dip-spin process is a common method for coating bulk material. Zinc flake coatings, top coats as well as post-dip lubrications can be applied.

Kleverest® process

With the self-developed and continuously optimised Kleverest® process technology, we enable the process-reliable application of exact coating thicknesses in the micrometre range.

This self-developed immersion centrifugal process is particularly impressive for its reliability with geometrically complicated bodies, hollow and scooped parts, screws with the smallest internal threads and nuts. It is precisely here that conventional application methods reach their limits, even though reliable corrosion protection without functional restrictions is indispensable.

KTL coating

Cathodic dip painting (CDP) is an electrochemical process used to apply topcoat as a sealant to zinc flake coatings, other electrodeposited zinc and zinc alloy coatings, stainless steels, zinc and aluminium die castings.

Zinc flake coating

The zinc flake coating is a basecoat made of zinc and aluminium flakes. It is applied non-electrolytically to the base substrate and provides active cathodic corrosion protection.

No hydrogen is generated in our application, which virtually eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.
By combining them with a suitable topcoat and/or post-dip lubrication, we are able to completely fulfil their functional requirements.


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