Our responsibility for the environment, sustainability - Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible beyond the surface

Sustainable processes in surface technology should not only be efficient, but also environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and safe. An attractive look and feel, individual appearance and resistance to mechanical, chemical and physical attacks are just as important today as the focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing. Not only with the increasing challenges posed by modified materials, new material combinations or the digital transformation as well as stricter energy efficiency and climate protection targets, we at Klever always make sure to consider all processes holistically and to design them sustainably. We are absolutely convinced that economic efficiency and sustainability are in harmony with each other. Corrosion protection serves the long-lasting use of high-quality components. For us, sustainability and quality can only be created in harmony. Just like us, our customers require coating processes that are efficient, flexible and resource-saving while maintaining high quality.

In order to continuously improve and increase sustainability, we have ourselves audited annually to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection according to the rules of DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy). In addition, we continuously promote the use of renewable energies.

Living up to the responsibility

Living up to responsibility, respecting the environment and people, and living social corporate responsibility sustainably. Coating technology means combining different processes to achieve an optimal result. Between these processing steps, however, additional steps must also be organised to prepare workpieces for the following process. Establishing comprehensive sustainable processes always requires a holistic view of the process chain. We live our sustainable orientation in the constant striving for increasing efficiency and in constant further development. We are absolutely convinced that precisely this sustainable corporate orientation, coupled with constant further development and innovation, is a decisive factor for the future. This is not only about economic goals, but also about bridging the gap between business management and the support of sustainable, socially beneficial causes. We see our company's responsibility for the future. This applies to the processes on the one hand, but also to the people who stand for this responsibility. Social corporate responsibility, with respect for the environment, social aspects and employee concerns, is an important decision-making factor for young people in particular when choosing a career. Aspects that have always been anchored in Klever's philosophy.
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