Responsibility for more

Responsible beyond the surface

Sustainability in surface technology means efficiency, environmental compatibility and safety. This also includes consideration of new materials, digital transformation and stricter environmental targets.

Sustainability as a principle

At Klever, it is our principle to design all processes holistically and sustainably, as sustainability and quality are inextricably linked. Our customers expect us to provide coating processes that are efficient and conserve resources without compromising on quality.

Living up to the responsibility

We live responsibility towards the environment and society through sustainable processes and continuous development. Our conviction: Sustainability and innovation are crucial for the future. This applies not only to our economic goals, but also to our commitment to social and environmental concerns. Social corporate responsibility that respects the environment, social issues and employee interests is an important factor for entrepreneurial success - and a fundamental principle of our philosophy at Klever.


In order to continuously improve and increase sustainability, we have ourselves audited annually to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection according to the rules of DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment) and DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy). In addition, we continuously promote the use of renewable energies.
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