By us, for you
  • Self-developed and already in use for over 30 years
  • Safe coating of cavities and undercuts
  • High corrosion protection and weather resistance
  • Use of property-optimised coating agents
  • Single and multiple layer systems possible
  • Definition of sliding and friction coefficient windows possible
  • Protection against mechanical, thermal and chemical stress

How does it work?

With the self-developed and continuously optimised Kleverest® process technology, we enable the process-reliable application of exact coating thicknesses in the micrometre range. This self-developed immersion centrifugal process is particularly impressive for its reliability with geometrically complicated bodies, hollow and scooped parts, screws with the smallest internal tappings and nuts. It is precisely in these areas that conventional application methods reach their limits, even though reliable corrosion protection without functional restrictions is indispensable. In addition to screws, nuts and washers, we also coat filigree parts such as springs, stamped and bent parts for you, and that in the smallest dimensions from 1.8 mm to 200 mm in diameter. The Kleverest® process stands for reliable, excellent corrosion protection.

The Kleverest® process can be used to process zinc flake coatings as well as all wet coating systems.

We use the following products in our services:


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