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Multifaceted beyond the surface

Welcome to Klever

Klever Beschichtungstechnik is one of the leading companies in the field of surface coating. Our finishes for sustainable corrosion protection, for subsequent bonding applications or many other functionalities are used in a wide range of industries, including Automotive, consumer goods, electrical and construction industries or even consumer electronics.

At our locations, we offer a wide range of coating options that can be integrated precisely into our customers' value chains. These processes can be combined into multi-layer systems and supplemented by a variety of upstream and downstream processes. As a partner to the international automotive industry, we stand for high-quality coatings of metallic and non-metallic materials as well as plastics.

What do we stand for?

Klever is the result of the interaction of all acting employees and the constant striving for further development and innovation. Each employee, with his or her commitment, ideas and personality, is an important factor in our success.

Our employees are not only the cornerstone of our success, but also the decisive success factor of our company. That is why we at Klever live a philosophy of constant exchange between all departments and hierarchical levels.
Our company pursues ambitious goals that go far beyond the status quo. We strive not only to implement successful business initiatives, but also to leave a positive social and environmental impact.
Profitability and sustainability can only be achieved in harmony. We see the responsibility of our company for the future and therefore develop in accordance with our principles for the environment, social aspects and the interests of all our employees.
Long-term business relationships are based on a mutual common goal and cooperative collaboration and joint development. At Klever, we are committed to a sustainable organisation based on shared values and goals in our internal organisation and cooperation with suppliers and customers.
The aim of our work is always to achieve the greatest possible benefit for our customers or the common end customer. The pursuit of constant further development is our driver for continuous improvement with the aim of achieving all requirements for the greatest possible quality and sustainability.
We are a company that, with its constant values of quality and sustainability, is oriented towards the dynamic international markets and advances and constantly incorporates new innovations in the technical and human environment into its own further development.


Quality, sustainability and efficiency play a decisive role in all applications. Our internal and external processes are carried out according to the highest international requirements and standards. In order to meet the requirements and also to constantly adapt to the latest standards, we have had ourselves certified according to the following norms. We are regularly evaluated for compliance with the norms and standards by an external certification body and awarded accordingly.

Your contact person

L. - Pablo Fernández E.

Authorised signatory - Operations management

Alexander Schaible

Representative for integrated management systems

Nina Lauterbach

Head of Finance and Accounting

Our locations

Plant 1

KLEVER Coating Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Am Schlöten industrial estate
Pieper-Keller-Strasse 2-4
D-51702 Bergneustadt

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Fax: 0 22 61 / 94 88 - 18

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KLEVER Coating Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Bomig industrial estate
Robert - Koch Str. 2
51674 Wiehl

Phone: 0 22 61 / 94 88 - 0
Fax: 0 22 61 / 94 88 - 18
Mon. - Thu.
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