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  • Long-lasting corrosion protection and weather resistance
  • Highly functional coating agents, also developed in-house
  • Protection against mechanical, thermal and chemical stress
  • Can be used on all basic substrates (especially metal and plastic)
  • Defining sliding and friction coefficient windows
  • Addition of further functions possible (e.g. adhesion mediation, electrical insulation, colouring)
  • Single and multiple layer systems possible

How does it work?

In the area of rack application, we provide reliable and long-lasting protection for your components against corrosion and add further functions such as defined friction and sliding windows or adhesion promotion. Our product portfolio ranges from fasteners and fixing elements to components for bonding applications.

Of course, a combination of our rack application with an individual pretreatment and/or application of a basecoat (e.g. zink flake coatings) on your components is also possible.

Full coating

The industry-standard, full-area rack application is an easy-to-implement application process that is used for a wide range of components. We use several fully automated lines and, in addition to our self-developed coating material groups Klevercol®, KleverPUR® and KleverPLAST®, we also use a wide range of other coating agents to meet all your wishes and complex requirements.

Partial coating

In addition to the full-surface coating customary in the industry, we are also able to partially coat your components.

On the one hand, we have the plant capacity and know-how for partial coating of fasteners (e.g. head coatings), but on the other hand we are also able to partially coat your components using the Trace Coating process we developed ourselves. This is used in particular for components that are bonded in downstream processes, for example sensor holders and ADAS brackets in the automotive sector.

We use the following products in our services:


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