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Your expert for corrosion protection and bonding applications

As a pioneer in surface technology Klever stands for innovative, sustainable solutions. We use various technologies and applications to optimise optimal functionality, reliable durability and the highest possible quality for each and every one of your parts.

Our decades of know-how ranges from corrosion protection by means of zinc flake coatings, through the precise adjustment of sliding and friction coefficient windows, to technical surfaces for subsequent bonding applications.

Among other things, we offer the following services for this purpose:

Production preparation by degreasing, blasting or thin-film phosphating
Application of inorganic zinc flake coatings (e.g. DELTA-PROTEKT® KL100, DELTA®-TONE 9000 or Magni D21)
Application of organic topcoats (e.g. DELTA®-SEAL, DELTA-eLACK® 800 (KTL) or Magni B18)
and hybrid topcoats (e.g. DELTA-PROTEKT® TC 502 GZ)
Applying your own coating agents = the perfect functional surface for reliable bonding
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The increase in quality requirements

In order to meet the ever-increasing and changing demands of our customers, we are also developing own application techniques and Coating agent. These allow us to respond individually to the needs of our customers. Among other things, the application techniques we have developed are worthy of mention here Kleverest® process and Trace Coatingas well as the application of our specially developed coating agent groups Klevercol®, KleverPUR® and KleverPLAST®.

With the Kleverest® process Zinc flake coatings and all other wet coating systems can be processed for bulk material. In particular, we use products from Dörken Coatings and Magni to reliably protect your components from corrosion and to provide them with additional properties.

Trace Coating is a fully automated, partial rack application for plastic components, with which we were also able to achieve a significant improvement in the carbon footprint. In connection with Trace Coating, we are conducting research in a state-funded ZIM-Prokekt together with the Cologne University of Technology at the Integration of artificial intelligence.

Functional surfaces for bonding applications

A special highlight of our range of products is the creation of Functional surfaces for bonding applications with our specially developed coating agent groups Klevercol®, KleverPUR® and KleverPLAST®. This is done by means of a targeted and, if necessary, partial coating on a wide variety of basic substrates such as plastics, sintered metals, magnesium and aluminium die castings and other metals.

The application of our coating agent group KleverPLAST® is another milestone, especially in the increasing relevance of driver-assistive sensors (ADAS systems). Ever-increasing requirements of the automotive industry for these safety-relevant systems make a Precisely targeted and traceable coating unavoidable. This is also demonstrated by the continuously increasing number of demanding tests on the subject of load resistance under the influence of temperature and humidity. This is exactly where we come in with our generated surfaces.

Bonding - Applications
  • Pre-treatment of plastics and metals to increase wettability
  • Property-optimised coating chemistry on epoxy and PU basis
  • Coating of all basic substrates and material mixtures including any plastic, aluminium, magnesium and sintered metals
  • Detectability and control by UV detection with the product KleverPLAST®-tech UV (trace)
  • Adjusted curing curves to avoid solvents in the surface
  • Bonding tests based on customer application and requirement
  • Coating thickness measurements and cross-cut tests to determine the coating quality
  • Bonding also for high-performance adhesives of the 8-MPa class
  • Support with the design of injection moulded parts

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