When less is more!
  • Fully automated, partial coating without over-spray
  • Functional and/or design areas remain coating material-free and unaffected
  • Integrated, fully automatic 100 % control
  • Use of specially developed, proven coating materials
  • Extremely high resource, energy and cost efficiency
  • No component heating = very gentle thermal stressing of the components
  • Research on the integration of artificial intelligence with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences as part of a state-funded ZIM project
Without UV light
With UV light

Efficiency on a new level

The fully automated, partial coating process Trace Coating is our latest innovation, that takes both Resources- as well as the energy efficiency to a new level.

We bring our proven coating agent KleverPLAST®-tech UV via Trace application only where it has to fulfil a function. All other, possibly functional or design areas, remain coating agent-free and untouched. In this way we achieve a maximum resource efficiency.

Sustainably economical

In addition, we rely on drying the coating agent by means of radiant heat instead of convection. In addition to the increased energy efficiency, we thus achieve an Reduced component heatingthus minimise the risk of deformation.

The optimal use of resources and maximum energy efficiency make Trace Coating to a sustainable and economic Offer.

Traceable security

A fully integrated optoelectronic 100 % test also enables protection for safety-relevant components. A safety aspect that is to be expected in particular for ADAS retaining plates.

On and on

For us, development does not stop with the introduction of a new technology, because we strive to continuously optimise it. That is why we are proud to be currently working on a project in cooperation with the Technical University of Cologne. state-funded ZIM project (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs) Research on Artificial Intelligence in our innovation Trace Coating to operate.

Trace coating - when less is more

With Klever Beschichtungstechnik and Trace Coating Benefit from our advanced coating process, which is based on Efficiency, quality and sustainability and at the same time precise and optimal results for your coating requirements.

Create optimal wettability

Through various, combined pre-treatments, we activate the surface and create the perfect foundation for our coating.

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