Functional surfaces for bonding applications

KLEVER BESCHICHTUNGSTECHNIK - nothing tears off with us
  • Pre-treatment of plastics and metals to increase wettability
  • Property-optimised coating chemistry on epoxy and PU basis
  • Coating of all basic substrates and material mixtures including any plastic, aluminium, magnesium and sintered metals
  • Detectability and control by UV detection with the product KleverPLAST®-tech UV (trace)
  • Adjusted curing curves to avoid solvents in the surface
  • Bonding tests based on customer application and requirement
  • Coating thickness measurements and cross-cut tests to determine the coating quality
  • Bonding also for high-performance adhesives of the 8-MPa class
  • Support with the design of injection moulded parts

Klever - Pure Innovation

With the development, introduction and expansion of Klever's own product portfolio through Klevercol®, KleverPUR® and KleverPLAST®, we have each achieved new levels of innovation in coating for subsequent bonding applications.

The steadily increasing proportion of driver-assistive sensors in the automotive industry and the parallel increase in demand for autonomous, digitally controlled regulation technology is leading to increased demands on the mounting systems of sensor and camera technology.

This is why Klevercol®, KleverPUR®, KleverPLAST® and KleverPLAST®-tech UV were developed. Sustainable products for the functional coating of surfaces for highly efficient adhesives on almost all basic substrates.

Klevercol® and KleverPUR® are coating materials for metallic and non-metallic base substrates, both for bulk and rack application. They are mainly used for mirror mounting plates and sensor mounts.

With KleverPLAST® and KleverPLAST®-tech UV, we offer surfaces both for glass-fibre and glass-ball reinforced plastics as metal substitutes and for various engineering plastics for the realisation of extremely complex injection moulding geometries. They are used in a wide range of products, from rain and light sensor holders to multifunctional brackets (ADAS systems).

One of the advantages of Klever's own coating materials is the durability of the application with a shelf life of over 1 year. In addition, there is the possibility of exact detectability in the application of KleverPLAST®-tech UV.

With our Klever proprietary product portfolio, we offer the perfect functional surface for reliable bonding in a wide range of applications - with a high degree of sustainability and efficiency.

Detectability thanks to our own coating material

The application of Klever's proprietary coating material KleverPLAST®-tech UV or KleverPLAST®-tech UV trace allows traceability and a safe control of the applied surface.

Create optimal wettability

Through various combined pretreatment steps such as flame treatment and ionization, we create the perfect foundation for our coating agents.

Quality assurance that creates trust

We are measured by our quality. That's why our quality systems and measuring equipment are always state-of-the-art. This includes not only tests for surface energy, coating thickness and cross-cutting, but also bonding tests that are tailored to your application and requirements.

We use the following products in our services:


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