Pretreatment that makes the difference
  • completely cleaned base substrate = important basic prerequisite for subsequent processes
  • Oils, greases and release agents, but also inorganic soiling are effectively removed
  • Optimal cleaning of contaminated parts
  • Use of high-quality, continuously monitored degreasing baths
  • Sustainable, environmentally conscious use of coordinated degreasing chemicals

How does it work?

In the field of coating technology, a completely cleaned base substrate is one of the basic prerequisites for the successful application of coating agents. Oils, dust or release agents prevent adhesion of the coating agent and thus reduce the corrosion protection effect and other functions of the application.

For this reason, we offer alkaline degreasing as a pretreatment for contaminated components. The surfactants contained in the degreasing bath bind oils and greases, thus bringing them into solution. In addition to oils, greases and release agents, alkaline degreasing also effectively removes inorganic contaminants such as metal abrasion, pigments and dust.

Alkaline degreasing is the ideal preparation of a material for the application of our coating agents.

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