Right where it matters
  • first-class appearance in RAL®, NCS® and special colors, also textured coatings
  • high UV and weather resistance
  • very good water and temperature resistance
  • strong solvent and scratch resistance

How does it work?

Our partial coatings for fasteners, for example head coatings for screws, offer not only a first-class, decorative appearance, but also functional enhancements for your components. These include high UV and weather resistance, very good water and temperature resistance, and also strong solvent and scratch resistance.

Our extensive selection of coating options allows you to get exactly the finish and color that fits your needs and scope of application. We offer a wide range of RAL®, NCS® and special colors in any gloss level, as well as textured coatings. Our scopes of application are also wide-ranging. Whether you need components for (machinery) construction, the automotive industry, defense & security, aerospace, consumer goods or completely different scopes, our partial coatings provide the optimal protection and the desired look.

Rely on our experience and quality to ensure your components are not only functional, but visually stunning as well. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our high-quality partial coating options for fasteners.

We use the following products in our services:


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