Electrophoretic coating

Brief description

Electrophoretic coating (E-Coating) is an electrochemical process. The material to be painted (bulk material, fasteners, other small parts) is immersed in a drum in an e-coating bath with electrically conductive, aqueous coating material. This method is ideal for results with high corrosion protection and robustness.

The material to be coated acts as a cathode during the process. An applied DC voltage field then stimulates chemical processes. Water-soluble binders are precipitated on the surface of the material to be coated, forming a homogeneous, closed layer. We can also reliably apply coatings to undercuts and cavities with our fully automatic e-coating machine.

We can apply a topcoat as a sealant on zinc flake coatings, other galvanically deposited zinc and zinc alloy coatings, stainless steels and zinc or aluminum die castings.

  • Electrochemical process
  • Very homogeneous layer structure
  • Thin-film E-Coating system
  • Particularly suitable also for cavities/undercuts
  • Single-layer and multi-layer systems (combination with basecoat) possible

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